Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Subconscious Cycles

Cycles are a part of life. If you think about it almost everything has a cycle. The most obvious cycles are life cycles, daily cycles of the sun, the cycle of the moon, weekly cycles, monthly cycles, yearly cycles, and so on. What is so intriguing to me right now are the so called subconscious emotional cycles that are happening with in us daily, monthly, yearly. The cycles that cause us to get all geeked out and freaked out in our own heads making us vulnerable to the emotions that trip us up by allowing them to take over.

As I dive deeper to my center through yoga, meditation, and self study, I am starting to realize these cycles that are happening with in me, myself, and I, eeeek! Obviously because I am a woman, Thank God,  I notice the hormonal changes that take place in my body and mind on a monthly basis. And with that being said I do believe that men have their own vicious hormonal cycles, as well. Anyway, lately I am really starting to notice this annoying yearly cycle that goes on with in me. And the reasons this subject is so prominent in my thoughts right now is because I have discovered that for the past couple of years August and April have been hell for me emotionally. Isn't this interesting. One thought or explanation I have on this are the ever changing seasons, and how our bodies, minds, and chemical make ups subconsciously adapt to the changes of the seasons. This makes a ton of sense, as we are animals, you know... and animals seem to naturally adapt and change with the seasons through hibernation, mating, gathering, nesting, etc. I think we humans have had to transform so much to the external world to please others and satisfy ourselves materially that we have really slipped away from the connection that we have with the natural cycles and repetitions in our lives and the significance of them. The significance being that we are a part of nature and it’s quite possible that all of our cycles are instinctual and perfectly normal. I am sure humans have the same hibernation, mating, and gathering instincts as other animals but some of us are also monkey minded emotional beings losing our control. So my question is… are the emotional cycles that surface within us throughout the month, week, year or 5 years instinctual or can they be controlled? Or do they even need to be controlled because these times of hell might be a good for us? And, this goes back to balance, meaning that maybe we have to experience emotional challenges to be happy for the rest of the year because for balance, technically you can’t have one without the other. I guess in the end it is how you react to those emotionally challenging times and how you allow them to strengthen you and build up resistance for the next year or 6 months in my case or 9 months whatever it is. Who knows...its all so complicated but yet so simple. Any of you other human beings experienced anything like this?

For some reason this entry makes me think of a funny joke I heard one time about how life would be a whole lot better if it was in reverse…starting your life as an old senile crippled being and getting younger and more beautiful as the days go by, bringing you to an sweet cudlly infant and at the tail end of your life you are ever so blessed to end it with a hot sexy orgasm. Ha! Isn't that funny.

Cycles, Cycles, Cycles, our natural cycles, lets learn more about them!

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